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Dr. T.B.Cunha Educational Complex, Altinho, Panaji, Goa . Pincode - 403001

Goa College of Architecture was founded in the year 1982. It is the only Institute in Goa offering a Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) Course in architecture, which is recognized by the Council of Architecture and Indian Institute of Architects as full professional training. The College is funded by the Government of Goa and is affiliated to Goa University.  


The present intake capacity is 40 (+ 4) students per year including the quota for other states & UT's of India which do not have Architectural Institutes.  The curriculum aims to address the timeless qualities of Architecture on one hand and the need on the other hand, to reinterpret these in the context of Goa at the beginning of the 21st Century.


Establish a cultural climate to promote and encourage learning attitude within the college community and to Initiate a process for establishing of a language of architecture that is relevant to Goa in this millennium.


1. To educate the students in the subjects of architecture within the given cultural      context.

 2. To equip them with the knowledge and skills required to make meaningful, innovative      and appropriate interventions into the environment through building design.

3. To instill in them the competence and confidence to enable them to contribute in      innovative and constructive ways to the development of Goa and India.

The Citizen’s Charter gives insight in to our VISION FOR THE FUTURE, the STRATEGY for the development and the FACILITIES available in the institute.

Our goal to take the locational at advantage of Goa and embark upon an expansion programme with the aim of becoming one of the 10 top Institutes in the country by the end of this decade. With this perspective in the mind the new curriculum for  B.Arch was introduced at the Under-Graduate level in the year 2013-14.



Joint Programmes with esteemed architectural schools like CEPT (Ahmedabad) , SPA(New Delhi) & Padova University(Italy)

Collaborative Programmes

Charles Correa Chairs is instituted by Goa College of Architecture under the Directorate of Art and Culture, Government of Goa for academic excellence of the college. This will comprise of inviting experts in the field of education and architectural practice from across the world.

Charles Correa Chairs

In this section , you will find information on Goa College of Architecture, its history, aims & objectives,visions and goals and its aspirations to become one of the fastest growing academically acclaimed premier institutions in the country.

In this section..

GCA is affliated to Directorate of Technical Education,Porvorim in regards to admissions, approval procedures and academic activities of the college.

DTE , Porvorim

Goa College of Architecture is governed by rules framed by Council of Architecture in regards to regulating education and academics .

Council of Architecture

The College is affiliated to Goa Universityand governed by its ordinances in regards to various academic processes like examination, syllabus etc.

Goa University


As part of students exchange programme, two of our students from Year  IV attended one Semester at Padova University completing a Design Studio (of 12 Credits) and also gained some professional experience.

Padova University

Workshops were conducted by eminent architects and professionals like Ajit Rao, Prof. Arch. Munishwar Nath Ashish Ganju, Prof. Arch.  A. G. Krishna Menon, Arch. Dinesh Sareen, Ar. Gerard D’Cunha , Ar. Romesh Khosla

Workshops conducted
#padovauniversityWorkshopsJoint Programmes

ArchExpo 2017 was held on 30 March 2017 at Kala Academyat the hands of..

ArchExpo 2017


Charles Correa Chairs was instituted byCharles Correa Foundation and ..

Charles Correa Chairs


Vistara was held on 17 & 18 March 2017 at Kala Academy. This Year Parvatibai..

Vistara 2017


Goa College of Architecture featured as one of the top architetcure schools in India....

Top Architecture Schools in India


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Sole Architects : An office run by single Architect

Partnership firm: An office run by more than one Architect

Free-lance work: Architectural work taken on project-to- project basis.

Turn-key Projects: Architectural projects taken on total contract basis right from designing to construction to finish

Associateship: An architect working with a senior established Architect and getting fees on percentage basis.


POST GRADUATION ( in India  & Abroad)


Many Universities in India and abroad offer specialised courses at the Masters level, which are open to graduates. Various fields are:

i)    Masters in Architecture, Landscape Design, Urban Design, Conservation,etc.

ii)   Masters in Urban Planning, Regional Planning, Housing, Transport Planning and Environmental  Planning,etc.

iii)  Masters in Building Management, Product Design etc.


The Graduates can join the profession of teaching or research after acquiring minimum of 2 years of practical working experience in field.


Jobs in Architectural Journals or Magazines in the field of writing, editing and publishing.


Career Options for the Graduates