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Students Work

1st Year B. Arch.
Design Studio Work
4th Year B. Arch.
Design Studio
2nd  Year B. Arch.
Design Studio
Design Studio
Dissertations & Thesis
3rd  Year B. Arch.
Design Studio
Design Studio
Dissertations & Thesis1st year b.arch4th year b.archDissertations & Thesis5th year b.arch

Working paper Series Volumes 1 to 6, of Goa College of Architecture, is a techincal publication that covers best Dissertation works of students of Final Year during Period from 2010 till date. Working Paper Series (Volume 6) for year 2016  is under preparation and will be available soon..

 Working Paper Series

Working Paper Series2nd year b.arch3rd year b.arch
Vistara 2018#thesisstudents
Dissertations & Thesis
Dissertations & Thesis

The Creative Arts Production Center

Modifications to Goan Hindu Temple : 1961 -  2017