The course is of 5 years – 10 semester- duration.


Each semester is of approx. 16 weeks and carries a load of 24 credits, where one credit is equivalent to 1 lecture hour/week in theory subjects and 1.5 contact hours for studio, workshops and laboratory base courses.


Each semester consists of a maximum of 8 courses including Design

studio.The accompanying  chart shows the distribution of courses and

credits for each. In all each student has to earn a total of 240

credit and take part in a minimum of three Study Tours to be eligible

for the award of the degree of B.Arch.



The total ten semesters are organized in two parts.


The first part consists of the first six semesters and the remaining four semester constitute the second part.


During the first part a student may accumulate a backlog of no more than 5 credits in electives and non-core subjects, i.e. if a student clears the core courses (Studio and Construction) but has not cleared some of the other course, s/he can still go to the next semester provided the credit deficit is no more than 5.


However, all such backlog will have to be cleared prior to the end of 7th. semester. In principle, thus, while a student has to earn on an average, 24 credits per semester, this allows him/her flexibility to pace the study.  


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